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Frequently asked questions about WP Full Pay.

Minimum requirements

Learn about required applications, extensions and with respective versions at WP Full Pay minimum requirements.

Does the plugin work on WordPress Multisite?

Yes, WP Full Pay supports WordPress Multisite, and it requires a Business or an Agency license. Check out the Pricing page for more information.

Does the plugin work on

Yes, WP Full Pay can be installed on WordPress sites hosted on .

Is WP Full Pay compatible with WooCommerce?

No, WP Full Pay is a standalone product, it doesn’t require WooCommerce and is not integrated with WooCommerce.

Is it possible to accept Bitcoin payments?

Stripe phased out Bitcoin support in 2018, and it’s no longer possible to pay with Bitcoin.

Do I need coding skills to use WP Full Pay?

No, absolutely not! You can get your first payment form up and running with just a few clicks. However, if you have special requirements, you might want to customize the appearance with CSS styles, or hire a developer to develop extensions or integrations with other systems.

Do you offer trial or free plan?

We don’t offer a trial version, but we do have a 14 day refund policy, so you can buy with confidence.

Can I upgrade my license?

Yes, you can upgrade any time, and you’ll just pay the difference in license cost.

Does WP Full Pay work on a subscription basis?

When you purchase the plugin, you get a license for 12 months which covers also support & updates. The plugin will continue to work on your site, even after your license expires. If you’d like to ensure uninterrupted access to support & updates, you should renew your license.

Do you offer support if I need it?

Yes, we are happy to help! We’ve created plugin help, knowledge base articles, and videos to get you started, and you can also submit a ticket to our support helpdesk.

Which payment forms I can create with WP Full Pay?

With WP Full Pay, you can create various types of payment forms, including one-time payments form, subscription forms, donation forms, etc. Here, you can learn more about creating payment forms.

Can I customize the payment forms created with WP Full Pay?

Totally! You can modify various elements like fields, buttons, and labels, and also integrate custom CSS for more advanced styling.

Are there any transaction fees associated with using WP Full Pay?

Not at all! WP Full Pay itself does not charge any additional transaction fees. However, keep in mind that while using WP Full Pay is free of extra charges, Stripe has its own transaction fees as per their standard rates.

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