Stripe Payment Element

The Stripe Payment Element is a comprehensive, prebuilt user interface component that facilitates the integration of a wide range of payment options into web applications.

Stripe's new combined Payment Element helps ensure a clean an consistent user experience when entering credit card information and no longer requires Full Pay to manage each of the fields separately. This allows the element to change the input depending on the payment methods selected.

With this new element, your customers can now use ApplePay, GooglePay, and AliPay wallets in addition to the traditional credit cards. It supports a long list of payment methods and over time Full Pay will support more and more of them.

Notable changes

  • Styling the Payment Element is now done via Themes which can be selected on the form appearance tab
  • Manual styling is still possible but we encourage you to explore the standard themes. Stripe's UI/UX experts have put a lot of time into good, easy to use styling

Customizing payment forms

Refer to the linked article to learn how to customize payment forms with CSS

Example of Stripe Payment element with ApplePay enabled
Example of Stripe Payment element with ApplePay enabled
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