Error message when trying to use coupon

Occasionally, users may encounter an error stating that a Stripe coupon is invalid when attempting to redeem it during the checkout process with the WP Full Pay plugin. This article provides solutions to resolve common issues related to Stripe coupon codes not being recognized or accepted by the system.

Why Stripe coupon code not working?

When trying to redeem a coupon on a subscription form you get the following error message:

“Entered coupon code is not valid anymore. Try with another one.”

Why you are getting an invalid coupon code error with Stripe?

Either of the following scenarios can cause the error when using Stripe coupon codes:

  1. API mode mismatch: You’re trying to use the coupon not in the API mode it was created in.
  2. Name and ID discrepancy: Name and ID of the coupon differ, and because of this the plugin cannot find it

How to fix?

Create the coupon in the right API mode

In Stripe, API modes (test and live) are two different worlds, with a different set of objects (like subscriptions plans, coupon codes, etc).

Most probably, you’ve created the coupon in test mode, and you are trying to use it in live mode, or vice versa. Please make sure that the coupon exists in the mode you are trying to use it in.

Use the same name and ID for the coupon when creating it

Make sure that you set the same name and ID for the coupon when creating it on the Stripe dashboard:

For existing coupons, verify that the name and ID are the same. Delete and create a new coupon if they differ.

(Stripe doesn’t allow the ID to be modified for existing coupons)

Learn how to set up Stripe coupons.

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