Stripe account

By navigating to 'Full Pay' → 'Settings' in your WordPress dashboard, you can access the 'Stripe account' section.

Here, you can switch between test and live modes to safely test transactions before going live and establish webhooks for real-time event notifications.

Setting up webhooks ensures that your Stripe integration is finely tuned to handle transactions securely and efficiently.

Let's break down the key actions you can perform here:

  1. Connect your Stripe account: Simply, you can click on the 'Connect Live Account' button to authorize the connection between Full Pay and your Stripe account.
  2. Switch between account modes: In 'Test' mode, you can perform transaction trials without processing real payments, ensuring everything runs smoothly. Once you're ready, you can switch to 'Live' mode to start accepting actual payments.
  3. Manage API keys: The API keys link Full Pay with your Stripe account, enabling secure transaction processing. Securely input your Stripe 'Publishable' and 'Secret' keys in their respective fields.
  4. Set up webhooks: Webhooks are crucial for synchronizing Stripe events with your website. Setting up webhooks allows Full Pay to receive updates about transactions, such as successful payments or subscriptions. Learn how to set up webhooks.
  5. Testing your setup: It's essential to test your setup in 'Test' mode to prevent any issues in the live environment. By switching to the 'Test' mode, you can perform various transactions to see how the system handles payments, subscription sign-ups, cancellations, and more.
  6. Going live: Before going live, double-check that all settings, including webhooks and API keys, are correctly configured. Remember, in 'Live' mode, all transactions are real and will be processed accordingly.
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