In the 'Settings → Forms' section of WP Full Pay, you can configure both the functionality and the visual design of your payment forms.

Forms → Options

In Full Pay's 'Forms' settings, you can enable automatic email prefilling for logged-in users and dynamically tailor form fields using URL parameters.

  1. Auto-fill for logged-in users: For added convenience, Full Pay can automatically fill in the email field for users who are logged into your site, speeding up the checkout process and reducing user effort.
  2. URL parameters for form fields: To offer an even more personalized experience, you can enable form fields to be set via URL parameters. This advanced feature allows you to tailor the form based on user behavior or campaign tracking, guiding your users through a more customized journey.

Forms → Appearance

Additionally, you have the option to apply custom CSS, visual customization of your forms to match your website's branding.

This feature is for those who know their way around cascading style sheets and wish to apply unique branding or design elements to their forms.

Before applying custom CSS, it's recommended to understand CSS fundamentals to ensure a seamless integration.

Customizing forms with custom CSS

Here, you can learn more about how to customize the payment forms.

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