WordPress dashboard

From the Settings → WordPress dashboard you can customize how payment amounts, dates, and other financial details are displayed on your dashboard.

These settings are intended to localize how financial information is presented within WP Full Pay on your WordPress dashboard. This localization caters to the preferences and standards of different countries and regions, ensuring that the display of payment-related information is consistent with your business practices and your audience’s expectations.

What you can do here:

    • Choose to format decimal numbers with a dot (e.g., $10.99) or a comma (e.g., $10,99).
    • Decide whether to display the currency as a symbol (e.g., $10.99) or as a code (e.g., USD 10.99).
    • Select the placement of the currency identifier, either to the left (e.g., €10.99) or to the right (e.g., 10.99€) of the amount.
    • Opt whether to insert a space between the currency amount and the currency symbol/code (e.g., choosing between "10.99EUR" or "10.99 EUR").

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