How to create a member subscription page?

WP Full Members is a membership add-on for WP Full Pay that enables you to create a membership site and protect content, allowing access only to subscribed members.

In this article, we'll walk though the steps of createing a membership site with WP Full Members.

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  1. Create subscription plans
  2. Create a subscription form
  3. Embed the subscription form to a page
  4. Assign subscription plans to membership levels
  5. Customize the email template sent with login credentials
  6. Set up the ‘Customer portal’ page
  7. Fine-tune your settings

Step 1: Create subscription plans

Create your subscription plans (recurring prices) on the ‘Products → All products’ page of the Stripe dashboard.

For the sake of demonstration, we’ve created three plans (Bronze, Silver, Gold):

Step 2: Create a subscription form

Create an inline or checkout subscription form on the WP Full Pay → Forms → Add form page in WP admin.

Make sure to add the subscription plans from Stripe the form will offer to customers:

Step 3: Embed the subscription form into a page

Get the shortcode of the form, and insert it into a page:

Step 4: Assign subscription plans to membership levels

If subscribing to a plan should create a member then you have to assign the plan to a membership level.

You can assign subscription plans to membership levels on the WP Full Pay → Settings → Add-ons → Full Stripe Members → Roles page in WP admin:

Important notes:

  • Only plans assigned to a membership level will trigger creating members upon subscription.
  • Only one plan can be assigned to a membership level. 
  • The membership levels are fixed, you cannot add new ones in the UI. See this help guide for how to change names or add more levels
  • There is no need to configure all membership levels, just leave the unused ones as ‘Not used’.

Step 5: Customize the email template sent with login credentials

WP Full Members sends a registration email with login credentials to new members.

You can customize the email template on the WP Full Pay → Settings → Email Notifications → Templates page in WP admin:

Important notes:

  • You can use the following members-specific placeholders in the email template: 

    %USERNAME%  - The username of the member (it’s the email address specified on the subscription form) 

    %PASSWORD%  - The generated password

  • For more placeholder tokens, please refer to the Using placeholder tokens knowledge base article.

Step 6: Set up the ‘Customer portal’ page

Insert the [fullstripe_customer_portal authentication="Wordpress"] shortcode into a page or post you’d like to turn into the Customer portal page:

Step 7: Fine-tune your settings

It’s recommended to review the default settings of the plugin on the WP Full Pay → Settings → Add-ons → WP Full Members → Settings page in WP admin:

Let’s see what these options do:

Setting Description
No access page This page is displayed when a logged in member doesn’t have the required membership level to view the content.
Login cookie timeout The amount of time (in seconds) a member can be logged in before having to re-log again.
Enable member status cron job Turnd on a job that goes through all members daily and checks and updates their subscription status.
Block members past due Use this option to block members considered “past due” on their subscription payments.
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