Installing WP Full Pay (Freemius)

In this article, we're looking at how to install and update the WP Full Pay plugin that you purchased from our website.

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Have you purchased WP Full Pay on Envato?

Refer to the Installing WP Full Pay (Envato) knowledge base article for instructions.

Minimum requirements

Learn about required applications, extensions and with respective versions at WP Full Pay minimum requirements.


#1 Download the plugin

The plugin is packaged as a .zip file, and you can download it from your Customer portal.

(You can find your login credentials from your confirmation email)

Go to the Downloads page, and you can download any published version (latest is recommended):

WP Full Pay customer portal - Downloads

#2 Obtain the license key

You’ll need the license key to activate the plugin on a website. You can find your license on the Customer portal.

To access your license, go to the Licenses page. Here, you can copy the license key to the clipboard:

WP Full Pay customer portal - Licenes

#3 Install in WordPress

To install the plugin in WP admin, follow these steps:

  1. Press the Add new button on the Plugins page.
  2. Press the Upload plugin button on the Add plugins page.
  3. Browse the .zip file from your computer.
  4. Press the Install now button.
  5. When the installation is finished, press the Activate plugin button.
  6. Enter the license key, and activate your license.

Pro tip - Network activation on WordPress Multisite

You can also network-activate the plugin if you bought a Business or Agency license

Let’s see the installation procedure with screenshots:

1) Press the Add new button on the Plugins page

WP Full Pay installation - Press the Add new button on the Plugins page

2) Press the Upload plugin button on the Add plugins page

WP Full Pay installation - Press the Upload plugin button on the Add plugins page

3)-4) Browse the .zip file from your computer and press the Install now button

WP Full Pay installation - Browse the .zip file from your computer and press the Install now button

5) Activate the plugin

WP Full Pay installation - Activate the plugin

6) Activate your license

WP Full Pay installation - Activate your license

The plugin will redirect you to the Full Stripe / Settings page.

Updating the plugin

Auto update

WP Full Pay integrates seamlessly with WordPress auto updates. Plugin updates show up automatically on the “Plugins” page in WP admin.

You can click on “View version details” to see what’s new and “Update now” to install the update.

WP Full Pay auto-update

Manual update

You can update the plugin manually at any time, no data will be lost.

Follow these steps:

  1. Deactivate the current version
  2. Uninstall the current version
  3. Install the new version (see the “Install in WordPress” section above)

Next step:

We suggest configuring the Stripe API keys.

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