In the 'Settings → Security' settings, you can configure Google reCAPTCHA to protect your site's forms from spam and automated abuse.

You have the option to apply reCAPTCHA to inline forms, checkout forms, and the customer portal, each enhancing the security of different user interaction points on your website.

you can enhance the security of your site by enabling reCAPTCHA for different types of forms:

  1. Inline forms: allows you to integrate reCAPTCHA directly into forms that are embedded on your pages, providing a seamless user experience while protecting against spam and automated abuse.
  2. Checkout forms: allows you to add an extra layer of security to your payment processing forms to prevent fraudulent transactions and ensure that payments are made by real users.
  3. Customer portal: allows you to secure the areas where customers manage their accounts, safeguarding against unauthorized access and enhancing overall account security.

How to configure Google reCaptcha?

  1. Select the forms you want to secure
  2. Paste the Google reCAPTCHA API keys
  3. Hit the Save settings to save the changes.

How to generate Google reCAPTCHA API keys?

Refer to the linked article to generate and set up Google reCAPTCHA API keys to secure your payment forms.

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